ODISA Central Mix batch plants

ODISA Central Mix batch plants are used to produce a high quality concrete. There are different types of mixers and it will depend on the project to select the adequate one. The concrete output varies between 20yd3 to 500 yd3 per hour depending on the mixing cycle.

The advantage of central mix is that each batch is equal in quality and homogenization, because all the ingredients are mixed in the same mixer, instead of several mixer trucks.

Twin Shaft

For a fast homogenized concrete and high slump

Planetary Mixer

For low or cero slump concrete.

Tilt Mixer

High production, ideal for paving.

*To estimate a central mix plant concrete output, you need to consider the following :

1. Mixer capacity

2. Loading time and speed

3. Mixing time

4. Unloading time

*This concepts conform a mixing cycle.

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